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"It's hard to believe that so many talents can reside in one person. I have enjoyed Richard Stillman's performances as a storyteller, musician tap dancer and rope twirler. Couple all this with a warmth of presentation that is contagious and you have a winning combination."

Carol Titus- Founder of The New Jersey Storytelling Network


"Your talent and showmanship was so outstanding that the audience just sat in awe watching you perform. 

Your storytelling was a highlight!...you epitomize what a true performing artist is all about."

Lynne Vernick- Somerset Run Adult Community

Mythmakers with Drum

Myth Newark libs

Pecos Bill Story


"Shining Time Station"
PBS Television

Italian Show
Hawaiian Hat
Tenor Uke
Irish Green Vests

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Award winning musical storyteller

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Musical storyteller Richard Stillman has performed at the New Jersey Storytelling Festival, and was featured at the County College of Morris World Storytelling Festival. His assembly programs embrace many cultures and are booked through Encore Performing ArtsHe performed his Irish Balladeers show  at the JFK Presidential Library in Boston. He has worked on Broadway and was a guest on the PBS Television series, "Shining Time Station" with Ringo Starr. 

Richard Stillman Holding Small Guitar

The Man with No Story To Tell (Irish Storytelling)
Kotaro and the Magic Nose Fan (Japanese)

Pecos Bill Stories (American West)

The Frogs of Lake Coipasa (Original/Peruvian)

Monkey Steals the Drum (African)

Kaimana and the Sea (Original/Hawaiian)

The King of the Seals (Irish Storytelling)

Angus McDonald's Nose (Original/Scottish) & More!


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The Mythmakers are musical storyteller, Richard Stillman and nationally acclaimed storyteller, Gerald Fierst. They were featured at the MAST Gathering of Storytellers in the Northeast, and have performed many times at the New Jersey Storytelling Festival in Hamilton, New Jersey. They have also been featured twice at the County College of Morris New Jersey Storytelling Festival and have performed at the Van Vleck Gardens Concert Series in Montclair, New Jersey. 


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Jewish Folktales & Klezmer Music

World Folk Tales  

Monsters, & Minstrels

Greek Mythology

Rennaisance Stories and Music

Tall Tales of American Heroes     & More!


 In addition to performing as a musical storyteller, Richard has also worked as the festival bagpiper at the New Jersey Storytelling Festival.