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Canterbury Tales Broadway
Canterbury Tales

Professional picture of Richard

Lady Be Good Kennedy Center
Lady Be Good
Kennedy Center

... Mr. Stillman's turns are executed with a deftly offhanded bravura."

Stephen Holden New York Times

Mummenschanz Broadway
Mummenschanz Broadway

Mother Courage
Mother Courage Nebraska Rep. 

Jean March & Me
Twelfth Night Tour with Jean Marsh

Midsummer Night's Dream Alaska Rep. Theater
Midsummer Night's Dream Alaska Rep. Theater

Shining Time Station

 Shining Time Station
PBS Television

Take it From the Top w/ Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee

Take it From the Top w/ Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee

Play of Herod, NYC w/ Gabriel Barre

Play of Herod, NYC w/ Gabriel Barre

Peter & the Starcatcher

Peter & the Starcatcher     

Actor      Musician    Acting Coach

Singer    Dancer       Musical Director

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I have worked on Broadway and in regional theater as an Equity Actor for many years. I also work as an acting coach. I am particularly adept at helping actor/musicians develop their own material. I have taught at the New Jersey School of Dramatic Arts, and the former Whole Theatre Company

 Slide show of various Equity Theater shows I have performed in.  
When performing in a show I often double as a
musical director and composer.  The slide show is from a  production of The Grapes of Wrath where I worked as an Equity guest artist, musical director, composer and on stage musician.




Home: 973 783 0118 AEA SAG AFTRA Height: 5’ 7”
Cell: 973 902 8088 Hair: Salt and Pepper
www.richardstillman.com Eyes: Blue
richardstillman@verizon.net Voice: Tenor
Canterbury Tales                   Choreographer Clerk Of Oxford          Randy Hugill Dir. Robert Johanson
Mummenschanz Mime- understudy Arthur Shafman Prods.
Hamlet                                 Dir. Rip Torn actor / composer w/ Rip Torn & Geraldine Page
The Spirit of Vaudeville

writer / performer    Winner of Best Concert Award

United Solo Theatre Festival
Richard Morse Mime Theatre Actor/ Musician w/ Gabriel Barre

Son of a Gun- Theatre Row

Bagpipe Coach

Dir. Gabriel Barre

Saga by Kelly Hamilton         Mus.Dir. Bruce Coyle

Johnny Appleseed Dir.  Neal Newman

w/ Stephen Bogardus

Lady Be Good Jeff White Dir. Thom Gruenwald

Goodspeed Opera House       Mus.Dir. Lynn Crigler

Kennedy Center Chor. Dan Siretta
Take It From the Top Businessman / Newsboy w/ Ossie Davis & Ruby Dee
Twelfth Night                      Dir. Phillip Minor  Fabian understudy / musician w/ Jean Marsh & Ellis Rabb

Mother Courage                    Dir.  Andy Park

Sergeant / Colonel Mus. Dir.           Tobi Mattingly

Nebraska Rep. Theater

Peter & The Starcatcher   Dir Stephen Fredericks

Smee / Lt. Greggors Mus.Dir Stephen Fox

Growing Stage Theater, NJ
Midsummer Night’s Dream  Dir. Walton Jones Snug the Joiner Alaska Rep. Theater
The Grapes of Wrath            Equity Guest Artist actor / musical dir.  choreo. Carol Dunne

Dir. Peter Hackett  

Man of La Mancha                Theater by the Sea, NH

Anselmo                 Mus.Dir. Bruce Coyle

w/ Bill Nolte   Dir JonKimbell
Shining Time Station Featured Guest PBS TV w/ Ringo Starr
The Edge of Night Actor/Dancer Dir. John Driver
Musical Instruments:

tenor & bluegrass banjo, mandolin, ukulele, guitar, lute, bagpipes, quatro, concertina, 

digeridoo, harmonica, pennywhistle, balalaika.
Movement: Tap, Irish Step, Clogging, Flamenco,  Mime, Ballet Background
Variety Arts: storytelling, rope tricks, hat tricks, bird whistles, juggling, mouth sounds
Accents: Irish , Scottish, British, Western,  Southern

Spanish & German

I sing in Spanish, 

German, Italian,Yiddish & Swahili

Michael Howard,

HB Studios, AMDA, 

Dartmouth College-BA Drama
Movement: Robert Audy-Tap, Craig Babcock- Mime Jo Mcnamara- Irish Step
Voice: American Musical and Dramatic Academy  Rae de la Cretaz